General Meetings

Each year we hold an Annual General Meeting, this is an opportunity for members to meet and find out what has been happening with the Friends and the cinema in general. The trustees may also call special general meetings for members at any time e.g to vote on something specific or if the AGM was not quorate and decisions need to be made. Members may also request a special meeting and this must be held if the request is in writing from one tenth of the total membership.

Minutes and other documents from previous General Meetings can be found on the archive page.

2022 General Meetings

AGM: Sunday 25th September, Headingley Enterprise & Arts Centre (HEART)
SGM: Sunday 16th October 2022 at 5pm (Online via Zoom)

The general meetings held in September and October of 2022 covered the financial year ending in April 2022 and were the final general meetings before the membership scheme changed for 2023.

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