Come to the AGM

We’d really like to see more of you at the AGM on Sunday 16th June. Not only is it a great chance to find out what’s been happening at the cinema over the last year, there’s also free food and a screening of Let The Right One In in memory of our former Chair Peter Chandley who passed away late last year.

Our constitution requires 10% of the membership (around 70) to be present in order to vote on anything. We may not have any big decisions to make this year but if we don’t have a quorum another meeting will have to be arranged and we’d rather spend our time working towards our charitable aims.

Let the Right One In (Sweden, 2008)

Showing in memory of Peter Chandley as part of our 2019 AGM
Sunday 16th June: AGM 1pm,  Film 3:30pm
Let The Right One In

This work of art is a romance … a love story, but with vampires. The clue is in the title. Vampires must be invited in before they can safely enter someone’s home. But Let the Right One In is not simply a story of vampires, or a fresh take on serial killing. The film opens with Oskar (Kåre Hedebrant) exclaiming : “Squeal like a pig. So, squeal.” Our film tells a story of loneliness, of being picked on, of seeking revenge; and also of acceptance, loyalty and friendship.

Our backdrop is a snowy suburb of Stockholm in 1982. The locals cope with the desolation, freezing temperatures and the absence of sunshine through companionship, shots of alcohol, and Swedish humour. Lacke (Peter Carlberg): Thank you again for another evening steeped in merriment and friendship. Let the Right One In is a story told in pictures rather than words. You will discover that not everything is as it seems in the suburb of Blackeberg. Our film is also a story about identity, mortality, and sacrifice. The title’s English translation from the Swedish original is taken from lyrics to the song “Let the Right One Slip In” by Morrissey. And this sentiment applies to both love and dreams. While the film has a wintry backdrop a little red or orange colour creeps into most scenes. Expect surprises!

The central characters are Oskar and Eli (Lina Leandersson). Theirs is a beautifully acted, poignant relationship that seems to raise more questions than answers. We see humour and sensitivity. But underneath, is that a dark and dysfunctional friendship or a demonstration of love and interdependence? Are Oskar and Eli two sides of the same coin? Is there a barrier between them?

The end of Let the Right One In leaves us to ponder the future. Is anything resolved? Have we seen a happy ending? The film gives food for thought. Let the Right One In has won many awards for direction (director Tomas Alfredson), cinematography, acting and screenplay. John Ajvide Lindqvist wrote the screenplay which is adapted from his novel.

The Friends of the Hyde Park Picture House are screening this film in memory of Peter Chandley. Until his death late last year Peter was the Chair of the Friends, and we are indebted to him for the part he played in saving the cinema from closure in the 1980’s. Peter was an enthusiast for films like Let the Right One In. We hope you can join us.

The film forms part of the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Hyde Park Picture House on Sunday 16th June and both are free for members. It’s really important that we get at least 70 people to attend in order to be quorate so please try and make it along if you can.

Bill Walton

Join The Committee

We’re looking for more members to join our committee so we can better represent the diversity of the membership and all visitors to the cinema.

You can find out more about the committee in our handbook or come along to the AGM on Sunday 16th June at 1pm and talk to us.  If you wish to be included in the elections along with the current committee members at the AGM we need to receive a completed nomination form by this Sunday 2nd June however the committee will consider new members at any time.


Special General Meeting: Monday 1st August 7:30pm

We would like to invite all members to attend a Special General Meeting on Monday 1st August 2016 at 7.30pm to be held at the Hyde Park Picture House.

The only items of business will be two Special Resolutions (details below) proposed by the Committee of the Friends of the Hyde Park Picture House.

To come into effect, these resolutions must be passed by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting at the meeting, so it is important that you come and vote.

Never one to let a meeting be too much business we have arranged this Special General Meeting to coincide with our annual Yorkshire Day screening which is free to members. Our film this year is SOUTH RIDING (1938) which will screen at 8.30pm.

While the meeting must be members only the screening is open to all and remember that members can invite up to three guests at members prices for any screening up until the end of August.

Appropriately Yorkshire themed refreshments will be provided!

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Proposed Constitution Changes

Our Annual General Meeting in May 2014 agreed, without any objections, a new Constitution. That meeting also agreed that the Friends of the Hyde Park Picture House should start the formal process of registering as a charity.

The previous Constitution which dated from 1997 was no longer appropriate. Our present Constitution closely follows a Charity Commission model constitution.

Our present Objects (which also feature in our accounts) are

1. To promote, support and participate in the cultural landscape of Hyde Park, Leeds and Yorkshire, particularly through an appreciation and understanding of the art of cinema
2. To celebrate the heritage of the Hyde Park Picture House and ensure its preservation and continued use for cinema and related arts by and for all sections of the community.

The Charity Commission advised us that to comply with the current Charities Act, the wording should be:

To advance the arts, in particular film and associated arts for the benefit of the public, in particular but not exclusively by supporting the Hyde Park Picture House as part of the Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House Ltd by such means as the trustees think fit including by:

– promoting, supporting and participating in the cultural landscape of Hyde Park, Leeds and Yorkshire, particularly through an appreciation and understanding of the art of cinema

– celebrating the heritage of the Hyde Park Picture House and ensuring its preservation and continued use for cinema and related arts.

The Committee accepts this advice from the Charity Commission. The Committee’s plan is that, when we have confirmation that the Charity Commission is happy with the whole of the Constitution, we will take this new draft to the next Members’ meeting for approval and then with your agreement formally register as a Charity.

To find out more about these changes please come along to our AGM on Sunday 22nd May from 1pm where members can also enjoy a free buffet and screening of Our Man In Havana.