Committee Meetings

Before the Covid-19 pandemic the committee of trustees met in person several times a year to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. Like many others, the meetings were moved to Zoom in 2020 and have continued that way although are happening more often now and usually each month.

The Committee is now engaged on discussing an agreed future for the Friends, given the intention of the cinema to launch its own membership scheme involving discounted tickets, running in parallel to the Friends. The Committee anticipates that this will result in a smaller Friends membership, with potentially a greater focus on volunteering and actively helping to promote the work of the cinema.

If any members have issues or suggestions for discussion at a future meeting or are interested in getting more involved please contact us. The agenda for each meeting is usually set two weeks before the meeting.

Stay safe.

Upcoming Meetings

SGM 21 February (TBC)

If the AGM is not quorate we will hold this Special General Meeting to conclude the annual business. The SGM will be immediately followed by the next committee meeting.  

AGM 31 January 2022 (7:00pm Online)

Previous Meetings

10 January 2022 (7:30pm Online)

AGM Planning

22 November 2021 (7:30pm Online)

December screening planning.

11 October 2021 (7:30pm Online)

Communication plans

13 September 2021 (7:30pm Online)

AGM & membership scheme planning.

9 August 2021 (7:30pm Online)

Next steps with membership options and archiving working group.

5 July 2021 (7:30pm Online)

A committee meeting to continue planning the changes to the membership scheme and planning for a Yorkshire Day event in August.

7 June 2021 (7:30pm Online)

A committee meeting to continue planning the changes to the membership scheme.

26 April 2021 (7:30pm Online)

A committee meeting to start putting plans together following the last open forum discussion. 

29 March 2021 (7pm Online)

A Forum for members of the Friends and other supporters. We will be building on the views expressed during discussion at our meeting on March 1st to plan our way ahead.

15 March 2021 (7pm Online)

A Friends’ Committee meeting which will focus on preparing for our Forum meeting on March 29. If you may be interested in attending this meeting, and possibly being co-opted on to the Committee, please contact us for an agenda and other details.

SGM 1 March 2021 (Online)

AGM 1 February 2021 (Online)

11 January 2021 (Online)

  • AGM preparation
  • The future of the Friends (activity, outreach and membership model)

30 November 2020 (Online)

  • AGM planning
  • The future of the Friends

2 November 2020 (Online)

  • Initial committee meeting via Zoom
  • Postponing the 2020 AGM

9 March 2020

  • Update on Picture House plans for 2020
  • Planning the AGM 
  • Organisational and structural changes

27 January 2020

  • Potential Friend’s activities to support our charitable aims (continued)

25 November 2019

  • Christmas film
  • Update on Picture House Finances and Marketing
  • Potential Friend’s activities to support our charitable aims