SGM July 2018

Monday July 16th 7:30pm – Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre

Following an inquorate Annual General Meeting held at the Hyde Park Picture House on Sunday June 3rd, in accordance with the Friends’ constitution a Special General Meeting was held at Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre (HEART) on Monday 16th July for the formal election of the Committee & the adoption of the Accounts presented at the AGM.

All Members of the Friends’ were invited to the SGM.


The provisional agenda for the special meeting is as follows:

  1. Apologies
  2. Welcome From The Chair
  3. Donation Received In Memory Of David Gordon
  4. How Best To Foster The Friends’ Charitable Aims
  5. Formal Acceptance Of Minutes Of 2017 AGM
  6. Formal Acceptance Of Treasurer’s Report (presented at AGM 3/6/18)
  7. Election Of The New Committee (carried forward from AGM 3/6/18)
  8. The Committee Manual
  9. The Objects In The Constitution
  10. Any Other Business

Nominations For The Committee

All existing members of the Committee have agreed to re-stand.

Please see the 2018 Election page for more details.


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