Elections 2015

As per the constitution each of the current trustees will retire at the conclusion of the annual general meeting but may be eligible for re-election at that annual general meeting along with any new nominees.

The following nominations have been received to act as trustees in 2015.


Jessica Brown

I have volunteered at the HPPH for almost a year now and have found it to be hugely rewarding. I enjoy working with the staff, the volunteers, meeting the customers and am eager to get involved more and help out in new ways.

I currently work with committees, offering fundraising support and advice, in a large charity. I understand their importance within a charity and the impact that their work, support and advocacy can have. I am skilled in project management (I love working with spreadsheets and data), I am confident negotiating and planning change and improvements. I can bring all this skills along with my charity background to the group.

It is important, now more than ever, to be active and vocal within the community and I would like to give my time and energy to the picture house and it’s committee. I am eager to see it thrive for another hundred years.

Stephen Brown

Since moving to Leeds in 2001 I’ve been a regular visitor to the Picture House (thanks to Letterboxd.com I know I’ve seen at least 130 films here since 2013). In the past I enjoyed attending the Friend’s Film Club meetups and hope we can start organising more social events to meet and discuss film with other members.

I joined the Friends committee in 2012 because I wanted to help support the cinema. I am happy to continue on the committee, contributing to the new website and assisting with the transition to a charitable organisation.

Peter Chandley

I am now the only remaining founder member of the Friends since 1984 some 30 years ago now. In that time we have seen many changes and over the years I have had various roles, duties and responsibilities which have included helping to produce the programme, acting as secretary and now as chair as well as typing up reports., minutes and other item as needed.

I have been proud to work over the years with every manager from Geoff Thompson to Wendy Cook as at present. The aim of the Friends has always been to support, encourage, develop and promote to cinema, but not to try to run it. We have had a proud role in often difficult times and I feel that we have achieved much over years with the help of many people. I am happy for now to continue to stand again for being on the committee in whatever role is needed and whilst we have come a long way in recent times we must not take for granted, but work together to make sure that this wonderful cinema that we all love so much goes from strength to strength and to make sure that that we go on for the next 100 years.

Thank you for all your support and we really couldn’t do it without you and again thanks to all those who have helped in so many ways, and so let us all work together to ensure a bright future awaits.

Wendy Cook (n/a representing the LGTOH)

I have worked at the Picture House for more than eleven years and General Manager for in excess of eight. It is fair to say I never intended to stay so long but a combination of the wonderful staff, amazing customers, the amazing building and the never-ending stream of great films have ensures that I have a hard time imagining myself working anywhere else. As a member of the Friends of Hyde Park Committee I will endeavour to ensure the relationship between the Picture House and the Friends is always positive.

John O’Hara

I have been a Friend of HPPH for many years and a member of the committee for the last 2 years.  I enjoy watching a variety of films at the HPPH and as a father with a young family this includes the Saturday “Hyde and Seek” matinees.  As someone who is Leeds born and bred I believe the HPPH is an essential element of the Leeds and Yorkshire cinema, arts and cultural fabric.  As a member of the committee I will always keep this in mind with the objective of securing the the HPPH for the enjoyment of future generations.

Ian Sanderson

Ian Sanderson has been a member of the committee of the Friends of the Hyde Park Picture House since 1997. He was Chairman for over ten years & has always regularly attended committee meetings. Ian is strongly committed to maintaining the Hyde Park as a historic cinema showing a wide variety of interesting, classic, historic, foreign-language & off-beat films.

Bill Walton

I feel fortunate to live within walking distance of the historic Hyde Park Picture House … so many good films, a beautiful setting, plus the contribution the  cinema makes to the wider community.

Through the Friends’ Committee I can actively support everyone involved with the Picture House to build on the centenary celebrations. An exciting time! Our new charity status, website and help with funding can all help the cinema adapt and thrive in the years ahead.

Keith Withall

I was a member of the Friends Committee in the 1990s. I have been on the current Committee since 2013. Since January I have been the acting Treasurer.

I am a regular for Hyde Park Picture House screenings, and I have also contributed to the new Friends HPPH Blog.

I am familiar with the new Constitution and the aims and practices of the Friends.

Michael Wood

I would like to be considered for election to the Friends committee as I feel my experience as director of Minicine, an award-winning community film exhibition group, as well as recent work with the Cinema For All Yorkshire Volunteers Group can benefit the progression of the Friends as it plans for the future. I hope to draw on my previous publicity and web promotion work with the aforementioned groups to assist the Friends in enhancing its online presence as it aims to strengthen connections with existing members and reach new ones. I also feel my involvement and relationships with other Leeds and Yorkshire film groups will help the Friends keep abreast of any developments, and broaden its profile, within the wider independent cinema community.

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