Lockdown Film Club

I remember the last picture show. It was on Friday the 13th, or maybe 28 days later. Life became rocky and I started feeling dazed and confused. I took a hard look in the mirror and vowed to never say never again. While it was not exactly a matter of life and death, I was in a lonely place until I joined the Lockdown Film Club. That was a night to remember. Now all is well. Life is beautiful. Members are happy together. So don’t be clueless! No titanic effort needed. Do the right thing and get in touch with the Lockdown Film Club (details below). You will find that you don’t look back.

Steamboat Bill, Jr

Lockdown FIlm Club logo of cinema projector.

Lockdown Film Club with Gurj and Mike

Each Friday at 7pm we discuss a different genre of films – recently we’ve gone for films from the 1990s, conspiracies, science fiction and thrillers. Choose the film you’d like to discuss, and give it a rating of 1 or 2 watches, 1 = either once was enough, or alternatively it could be a very good film with a difficult subject matter that doesn’t bear repeating, and 2 = marvellous, could watch 2 times or more.

You can also choose one title on the same theme for an honourable mention (a film you would like to suggest people watch, but it won’t be discussed in full).

Send your choices as soon as possible to centremanager@heartcentre.org.uk. We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing from you. Also use the Heart centre manager email to get the Zoom meeting entry details. (If you joined us for the previous club meeting then the login details will be the same)

Join us on Zoom on Fridays at 7pm.

There is no charge for taking part but, if you wish to, here is a link to our Crowdfunder page where you can make a donation

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