Wild Tales / Relatos salvajes Argentinian 2014

Sunday 21st February 3.30 p.m.


Writer and director Damián Szifrón has produced a wildly funny portmanteau film [several stories, frequently with thematic connections] that has already scored at this year’s BAFTA Awards: not exactly a great compliment given some of the other winners. However this is two hours of often extremely funny but macabre humour. As my colleague Roy Stafford writes the six tales are essentially about ‘getting even’.

Pasternak is set on a plane and is the most notorious of the tales: unintentionally mimicking real life. I laughed like a drain but a friend who saw it with a different and ‘stony-faced’ audience admitted she did not dare laugh out loud there.

The Rats is set in a cheap restaurant. I recognised the plot and could see what was coming: possibly the weakest of the tales.

The Strongest looks like a variation of Steven Spielberg’s Duel (1971). But this is a very dark comedy rather than a thriller.

Little Bomb gives voice to all those occasions when some bureaucratic rule drives one mad. My favourite of the six.

The Proposal is less of a comedy and more of a moral drama, with a very sardonic tone. [Think Nure Bilge Ceylan].

Until Death Do Us Part is the hilarious conclusion to the six tales. If you are going to venture into marriage this is the wedding to have. I shall save it to revisit when there is another royal or celebrity wedding on the box.

The film is in excellent colour and scope frame. All the stories have English subtitles.


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