LIFF29 Planning

The 29th Leeds International Film Festival programme has now been out for nearly a week and no doubt many of you are making plans about what to see. With over 300 screenings and events, there’s an awful lot to choose from and the selection of trailers shown on Light Night made everything looks so great, or terrifying, or weird and often all of those things.

The Leeds Movie Fans Meetup Group have already started picking out some events to attend, you can find out more about these on their page.

I think I’ve just about worked out my own plan, you can find it over on Letterboxd (a wonderful website for film lovers) which is where you can also find a list of most of the LIFF29 films. I’ve also made a Google spreadsheet and Calendar which you may help your planning (please note these don’t contain accurate end times).

We were hoping to provide some previews and recommendations but we’ve been too busy poring over the programme, eliminating clashes and trying to come up with our own plans. If you have any recommendations or would just like to share your thoughts on the festival then please do get in touch and we’ll happily share them.

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