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Hopefully it won’t be long now before we are in a position to start accepting new members. In the meantime if you would like to be kept up to date with everything we are doing you can join our mailing list.

Friends Membership

Important Notice about Membership

To coincide with the Picture House’s redevelopment work, we are currently in the process of reviewing memberships at the cinema, and the critical role the Friend’s of the Picture House will play in the years to come. As a result we’ve currently taken a pause on the creation of new memberships, as we explore launching a new membership offer later this year, ahead of the cinema’s reopening in 2022.

We have automatically extended memberships for anybody who was a member in February 2020 before things closed down.

Find out more about how things will be changing.

Supporting the Picture House

A number of people expressed an interest in becoming members as a way of providing support during the pandemic. For the time being we are still pausing new memberships but there are a number of ways to continue supporting the Picture House including digital releases, donating to the response fund and buying gift vouchers or merchandise.

 If you would like to help in any other way please get in touch so we can talk.

Hyde Park Picture House Memberships

16-25 Membership

The Hyde Park Picture House has launched a brand-new 16-25 Membership! Open to everyone aged 16-25 years old, members can enjoy specially discounted £5 cinema tickets for On the Road screenings at Leeds University Union, which are set to resume from the 30th June. In addition, throughout May and June 2021, members can also enjoy £5 tickets at the City Varieties Music Hall.