Activity Areas

As the exciting developments at the Picture House Project become a reality the Friends will be still be there doing what friends do: caring and cherishing a great community asset.

The Committee has been holding a series of consultation meetings with members to gain a clear understanding of how they want to support the cinema and the community, in line with the Charitable Objectives, to ensure that HPPH remains valued and cherished. The Friends will be separate from the commercial activities of the Picture House so a new discount scheme will be announced by the cinema in due course.

Some exciting projects have been outlined and to be successful they need your help. You can get involved as much, or as little as you can manage. Broadly there are five areas where activities can be focused.


There is a lot of archive material that has been accumulated over the last century which needs cataloguing and presenting for current and future generations.


Ensuring that the immediate surroundings of the Picture House are pleasant and a community asset. A member has proposed that a mural could be commissioned to enhance the appearance of the Pearson Grove wall.


Bringing the history of the Picture House and the area to life for the current generation and newcomers to the area.


Events for Friends to enjoy and relax with Friends old and new…. for example special screenings, discussion groups etc.


Continuing to work on our blog and social media posts.

If you feel you would like to become more involved with the Friends of the Hyde Park Picture House and help bring any of these ideas to life the Committee would be more than happy to hear from you so please contact us.