History of the Friends

The Friends of Hyde Park Picture House was originally set up in 1984 to help ensure the longevity of the Hyde Park Picture House. In doing so it helps to preserve the Picture House as an important part of our cinema and cultural heritage as well as ensuring it is maintained as an available public asset to the audiences of Hyde Park, Leeds, Yorkshire and the UK.

We operate a membership scheme aiming to

  1. Raise funds through membership fees which can be used to help support the activities of the organisation.
  2. Maintain an engaged group of individuals who can help the organisation to achieve its objectives.
  3. Maintain an engaged core audience for the Hyde Park Picture House who will regularly engage with it as a film venue and act as ambassadors for it throughout the wider community.

The Hyde Park Picture House at present sits within a private charitable company but it has done so for it’s entire history. The Friends of Hyde Park Picture House aim to be a consistent support that sits outside the company governance so is able to better focus and support the goals specifically of the Picture House as well as the needs of its audience.

2 thoughts on “History of the Friends

  1. Hello – I am the caseworker for the Cinema Theatre Association (CTA) and we recently discussed possible development planned for the Hyde Park. The sums involved look very large. Can you tell me what is planned ? Many thanks, Peter Wylde.


    • Apologies for not replying sooner (although I think you’ve spoken to somebody from the cinema). We’re planning on publishing more details about the plans here on the website but they’re not quite ready to share publicly yet.


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