March Poll

We’ve put up a new poll to find out what you liked the most during the month of March. With the Young Film Festival taking place and a couple of big releases there weren’t many films that got multiple screenings so there are only three choices. You can always vote for other (we can see what you enter but can’t find a way of easily sharing this with everybody – perhaps clicking through and adding comments on the results page would be the best way). It’s interesting that all three of those films  Hail, Caesar!Anomolisa and High-Rise have proved to be divisive with both audiences and critics, which surely only make the films much more interesting. Mark Kermode discussed this and aggregated review scores in one of his recent video blogs.

2 thoughts on “March Poll

  1. I voted for Chronic which only got a couple of screenings and smaller audiences than it deserved. I suspect it suffered from a lack of publicity by the distributor. Tim Roth is the lead and it is a very fine performance.


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